Getting things together!

You would think that after so many trials and errors at planning to go, we would have things together, right? Ne-eh. Nope. Not at all. Matter of fact, we probably lost any plans we had written down when we figured out we wouldn't be going back in 2015. Well, we have nothing together, and are once again planning, and currently our first steps are this blog, and a gofundme page (which you can find here.

And so far, I've had to create the events page twice, and am currently in the process of trying to delete the first gofundme to start the second, because things goo so great for us. I couldn't correct the settings for the events page on Facebook, and now that I've created the second- I can't upload a cover photo for it. I'll fix that ASAP. And no, it won't mean that I make another page and delete the second, just that I'll fix it later...hopefully. As for the gofundme page, not really sure what's up with it at all, but you can't see the page with the URL. So I'm just starting all over with it.

But what else? We know the basics of what we need. Two round-trip plane tickets to get there (though it would be nice to just stay and forget the world), passports, hotel reservations for the time we'll be there, and of course we need to know the exact dates we'll be there so we can actually get the tickets and hotel times coordinated. After all, what's the point of (let's say) flying over in April, but with the hotel reserved for June?

Anyways, I've figured up a $25 a day allowance for the each of us, which comes to $700, plus the plane tickets and hotel, we're expecting to need around $4,500 just for those things. If we combine the hotel and tickets, we could greatly bring down the price, but we don't want to extremely under-figure either. Plus we need to get passports, luggage to put our stuff in, etc., which we hope to get during the time it takes to get the rest of the stuff. It'd be great if somebody just started to gift us stuff, but that's been our problem the whole time I think, we've always done stuff on our own without maybe finally asking for help will, you know, help. If not, at least we tried.

So....I get easily distracted and will most likely do a lot of rambling, not only in this post, but for the whole blog. The money we do manage to get on gofundme will go first towards hotel and flight, any extra will be for food. Honestly, I think just finally being there will be the big break, a vacation to get out of our glum. Sure, we'd love to do the 'fancy' stuff so to speak, but a break from our usual menial things will do. It's also be nice to say that things will work out for us to do things other than the cheap sight-seeing, but I'm pretty sure that's how we managed to never get things straight and go previously. Sure, things will work out. planning this time.

What do we want to see/do? Some of my things is to:
1st, see the London Library, ( located at 14 St James's Square, London SW1Y 4LG...because going to the library is cool, especially when it's one you haven't been to before, it's one of the biggest around, plus, it just looks neat.
Then there's always the British Library ( located at 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB. Once again, because books and the library are cool when you've never been there before, or even when you have!
So what else is there besides libraries? There's always 225 B Baker Street, infamous address of the one and only Sherlock Holmes. From what I understand is a real address. Plus, it'd be fun to dress up from the Holmes era and wander past the place.

There are plenty of things to do for free like that and I plan to make a page just to keep up with what we can do to fill time while there...look for an update on that soon! Don't forget to check out the gofundme page, or ebay page to check out what's being sold to help out on the journey.