Getting Things Together

Not sure how we're going to, but I'm doing my best to get things together. Well, kinda anyways. I've started listing some $5 gift cards I've had for a while on Ebay. Honestly, they're $5, which means in the long run I'll have to spend to use them. They're for places like Foot Locker and Hope Depot, so it's not like anyone goes in and buys just $5 worth of stuff, right? The $ from them will partly go towards the travelling fund. I've also started trying to make contacts over that way. Kinda figured if I had contacts over there it would be a double/triple fold. I would have a reason to go (meaning people to see), someone to help me with local things (like currency), and getting lost. I'm pretty sure most things will be easy, but there is the just in case.

In the mean time, check out this $10 Home Depot Card going for only $9 and check out our gofundme page: Grace and Maria go to London!