Bayou Girl Goes to London

No, I have not actually went to London, not yet, but I hope to one day, until then I thought I'd blog about my updates, progress, things I'd like to do when I'm there, etc. There's a friend I plan to take/bring along (going un-named, as I'm trying to get her to do a blog on it to then we can post together), and hopefully we can finally pull this off!

I don't even know where to start! So let me ramble a bit......

A part of me is really excited, as this is something I've wanted to do for a while, but another part of me is dreading it. Honestly, we've been planning it for a while, but it's been postponed so many times that it's become more of a daydream, or an end of life bucket list.

Why do we want to go? Hmm, can't speak for others, but mostly because I really want to go on a vacation and I picked there, there are things to see and do. Plus just meet people?! That's always a plus when you find the good ones (forget the creepers!).

So a little backdrop to the story. We planned to go back around 2010, but my husband ended up having a stroke (a literal one), and it took a while for him to get better. Then I was going to school, plus the money situation on both ends, both of us live with a certain amount of money and have others to help take care of. Last summer (2016) we were suppose to go, but for some reason we decided to draw it back a year to June 2017, and honestly I'd forgotten until I got a notice on Facebook that we were suppose to be there tomorrow. If you want, you can check out our bare ass 'event' page at here, Yeah, I suppose we'll have to start posting in there as well.

Currently, I have it set for two weeks in June of 2018, which will give us a year to get things together and hopefully we won't have to reschedule again- but if we do, only by a few weeks rather than postpone another year! We plan to stay two weeks, find some good eats, see some good spots, and meet some good people. I'm also setting up a gofundme page and will post it when ready. Otherwise, we'll be putting up pennies and dimes, literally nickeling ourselves over the next few months. You can also check out my Ebay page below:

Bayou Girl on Ebay

Everything will go towards our London fund.

Thanks for reading and check back!